What is electronic lock?

What is electronic lock?

The electronic lock developed by HHD is a electronic mechanical device which is a state of art technology to provide best locking solution to the user . These smart locking solutions can be used in almost all industries for safe and secure logitisc transportation. 

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With more than 10 years of experienced and professional expert team and production line, which can provide our customers with high security solutions and in-time technical support services.

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We believe in Quality service and our approach has been designed to provide the same. We listen carefully to our clients and provide space, time and materials according to agreement for the project.

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We render services to our clients at a very competitive price and depending on the type of client engagement we offer them the most suitable pricing model structure.

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We invest the time up-front to clearly understand your needs and then manage projects to ensure they are delivered on time and within budget.

Remote Control GPS Tracker Lock Intelligent Smart NFC E Lock Oil Fuel tanker E Seal

HHD's production, structure, hardware, software, and testing departments are composed of a team of more than 40 experienced engineers. Deeply cultivated in the Industrial Internet of Things, keeping up with the world's leading-edge advanced technology, specializing in low power consumption and micro-electricity, and always committed to providing customers with excellent products.

The products have been used in petrochemical transportation, customs supervision, logistics distribution, container tracking, financial pledge logistics, coal transportation, and its business covers Southeast Asia, India, Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America more than 100 countries. Widely used in Government functional departments such as transportation, customs, and taxation bureaus, as well as large logistics transportation companies, and high-end manufacturers provider.

HHD has a production plant of 3,000 square meters, with 3 advanced assembly lines that can simultaneously produce 80,000 smart locks and 60,000 tracker terminals or sensors per month. Meanwhile the team can provide ODM/OEM services for integrators and solution providers.

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HHD Lock communicate through full Cellular, GPS ,Bluetooth, RFID and a feature-rich web platform and mobile app,sending you accurate tracking information, lock status and real time warning alerts according to your predefined events.

Support real-time to check the location ,anti-cut and Illegal demolition alarm,can remote control and manage anytime anywhere

HHD has its own platform,if the clients want to use and integrate devices to their own platform or other third parties platform ,we also can provide communication protocok or API for integrate and necessary technical supports

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